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We have over 40 years combined technology experience in a variety of industries and problem spaces. Learn more about us.


We will always be honest with you. We want to solve your problem and if we can’t, we will send you to someone who can. Read what people say about us.


We are both creative in the classic sense (art and design are a big part of our lives) as well as creative problem solvers (Jonathan is a troubleshooting master).

*Fun fact

The colorful and tenacious pigeons on our streets today are descendants of escaped domesticated pigeons, some of whom were used as carrier pigeons.

Read more at Mental Floss.

What People Are Saying

Cinco Puntos Press

We had a wonderful experience with Avietech. They revamped our website and made it beautiful and easy-to-navigate website. Ellen has consistently been super responsive and attentive. She’s handled every request and question we’ve had for her in a timely and friendly manner. Highly recommend!

Papillon Agriculture

Trustworthy, reliable, and responsive— we highly recommend Avietech! Ellen created a beautiful, easy to navigate website for us and we couldn’t be happier. When we have questions or need assistance, she responds and often fixes the issue within 24 hrs!

Street Media Group

Avietech has repeatedly come to our rescue and is a highly-trusted resource for all things related to our website. The peace of mind they provide is absolutely priceless. We enthusiastically recommend!