About Us

Web and Software Development in Northern Colorado

Based in Colorado but with clients all over the world, the Avietech team builds, maintains and troubleshoots websites, web apps and custom business software. How can we help you?

Hi there! We're Jon and Ellen.

At Avietech, we find joy in solving problems. We aren’t your typical Spock techies – we love people and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer.

Do you need a website? A custom piece of software? Have a sticky database question? We want to help.

Our Guarantee:

We will respond to you quickly and professionally. We will listen to you and offer a solution that meets your needs and budget. You will always know what you will be paying for our services. No surprises.


If you include testing his parents hearing range with annoying beeps on an IBM PC XT, Jonathan has over 35 years of programming experience. He uses C# .NET and SQL to create products that increase sales and efficiency.


Ellen is what you get when you combine a love of the arts with a logical mind. Her interests are wide and it shows in her work. She collaborates closely with clients to create beautiful and functional WordPress business websites and C# .NET web apps.