Create Custom Attributes

Create New Attribute

In vertical menu on the left, hover over Products and click on Attributes.

Fill in the Name of your attribute. This is what your customer will see as the attribute name (if you choose to make it visible on the product page).

Fill in the Slug for your attribute. A slug is like a nickname for your attribute and should be all lower case letters with distinct words separated by dashes in place of spaces.

Choose the Type of your attribute. The type determines how you select attributes for products. Text allows manual entry via the product page, whereas select attribute terms can be defined from this section. If you plan on using an attribute for variations use select.

Choose the Default sort order for your attribute. The default sort order determines the sort order on the front-end for this attribute. If using custom ordering, you can drag and drop the terms in this attribute.

Add Attribute

Congratulations! You are ready to add your custom attribute. To do so, click Add Attribute.